Wood Floors Are Healthier For You

Having carpet in your home is more cozier and comfortable than any other floor, but it can also be a health hazard, especially if you have children living in your house. Of course, when you take that first step in the morning off of your bed and touch the floor, we want carpet to keep our feet warm, but we do not realize the health risks that it can do to our family members. There are tons of benefits of wood floor installations LA, and this is why it is in such high demand. Loyalty-Construction, a professional hardwood floor contractor Tarzana is here to tell you all these reasons.

Carpet Flooring Vs. Wood Flooring

Many homeowners can say that picking out their flooring options when they are building their home is one of the toughest decisions. There are so many different types of floors to choose from, yet a big majority of people still decide on carpet. Here is why it is a health hazard: carpet contains dust and debris that often times homeowners do not see, and are still trapped within the floor after cleaning. If you have carpet in the bedrooms, your children will be breathing this dirt and debris for long hours through out the day, especially at night when they go to bed. Also, a big issue with carpet is that it gets dirty fairly quickly, and if your carpets are light you will see all of this dirt.

All of us pet owners know that our pets can bring in dirt from outdoors often, which can drive us crazy. Imagine if they do this on your carpet! You will have a very hard time getting this dirt and mud out of your light carpets, and might have to even call a professional carpet cleaner. With wood floors, you will never have this issue. If pets run in with dirt and mud, all you would have to do it take a rag and some soap to clean it off. You can even run some wipes along the floor to get the excess debris off of it. The beauty of hardwood floors is that they are extremely easy and stress-free to clean.

Hardwood floors are much healthier than carpet for your family and pets. With wood, there is a lot less dirt and dust on the floors, and if there are then you can visibly and easily see it. It gives your family the ability to breathe fresh air through out the day and at night when they are fast asleep. Plus, wood looks much better in your home, and boosts your resale value!

If you are making the switch to hardwood floors, then you should contact the best hardwood floor contractor Tarzana, Loyalty-Construction. Our team of specialists will offer you a wide selection of different styles, because wood floors are our forte. Call us today for a free consultation!